Safety and performance are key when it comes to the production floors in manufacturing facilities, industrial plants and other high-volume factories. Having a working surface that stands up to the daily abuse of heavy traffic, scraping, chemicals, and heat while remaining safe, clean, and durable is what matters most. High-performance epoxy, and polymer systems can provide a seamless and durable flooring surface to protect against the daily wear and tear of these facilities.

In addition to protecting the concrete slab against wear, damage and erosion, High Tech can provide colored safety walkways for your employees, safety markings around dangerous equipment, and performance lines to resurface areas that were damaged or compromised from heavy wear and tear.


  • Heavy Impact Resistance
  • Heavy Forklift and Wheeled Traffic
  • Color-Coded Safety Flooring / Markings
  • OSHA Approved Slip Resistance
  • Highly Cleanable
  • Thermal Resistant
  • High Abrasion Resistance